Erie, Colorado King Soopers Grand Opening – Photo Day!

I was asked to take part in the grand opening of a massive new King Soopers store in Erie, Colorado.

It is truly massive.

The Town of Erie asked me to take photos of the grand opening, including a group photo of many of the main people involved – from the Town of Erie, to construction folks, and the like.

I had imagined a group shot of maybe 10-20 people, but it was over 100.   That’s a difficult group shot to take for sure.    Largest one I have ever done.

First, here is a link to the news article in the Daily Camera, with my photo at the top:

Here is a flickr album and link to the rest of the photos.

King Soopers Erie Grand Opening Nov 2, 2016

or a flickr link.

I was a little nervous going into the shoot.  It was cloudy, and early in the morning, and to get a group that size all in focus, you have to use a higher F-Stop, like 8, but that will reduce the amount of light, and slow down your shutter, making the possibility for blur.

I brought two cameras, my 5d Mark 3, and my 5dsr.   I had the flash (Canon Speedlite) on my 5d3, and the 5dsr on a tripod.

The town brought a ladder for me, so I could get up high for the group photo.  I also thought a shot with a line of people leading towards the entrance would be cool.

30100200373_9cab42f835_z 30100212563_80a3457c82_z 30698728096_bddc784cc3_z

If I could do it over again, I would have tightened up the group shot. Fortunately with the 5dsr the file sizes are so big, you can really crop in and still retain the detail.



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