Had a mention & Quote in USNEWS & World Report

Kimberly Leonard with USNEWS reached out to me for comment on a bill that would eliminate anonymous reporting/complaints in assisted living facilities in Illinois, and she quoted me and referenced my site here: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-04-22/illinois-bill-would-require-identity-of-people-who-complain-about-nursing-homes Never know what the day might bring!

Real Estate & Architectural Photography in Erie, Colorado

My new hometown of Erie, Colorado has some very charismatic buildings, homes and even churches.   Lately, the evenings have had some nice light, so I’ve been out doing some photography of the local real estate and other buildings here in Erie. One of my favorite subjects was the library and community center here, as well as the church across the street (St. Luke Orthodox) I am very much looking forward to Spring and Summer when there are flowers, green grass, and longer days.    Should be very good for the camera!

3 Generations off to see Star Wars

I’d say perhaps two of the most memorable days in my life were the first time I saw Star Wars, at age 7, and when I saw Star Wars, The Force Awakens with my dad, wife, and son John.  Three Generations went to see this great movie on xmas day, 2015. I thought it was great – they brought back the old magic, and introduced some interesting new characters. Johnnie got teary-eyed when Han was offed.   Sorry, spoiler, but I assume everyone’s seen it by now!

Our friendly neighborhood Hawk

I thought I would start driving around with my camera on me, since I’d been seeing this hawk hanging around our neighborhood in Erie, Colorado quite a bit, and it is often very close-up. Still, I took my zoom lens (400mm) and sure enough, this one was sitting in a tree in front of a house down the street. It let me walk right up to it, literally 15 feet away to take several photos before jumping off to another tree. The orange eyes are what gets me.  They are beautiful.

My Favorite Milky Way Photo

I was so pleased with how this one turned out – I did a 51 second exposure with my new Tamron wide angle lens late this summer. Joelle and I (and the boys) rented a cabin near the Williams Fork River in NW Colorado, just South of Craig, basically in the middle of nowhere. Almost no light pollution, and perfectly dark skies made for great conditions to take some pics. Once the boys were asleep, Joelle and I got a bottle of wine, and sat out near the river and I pointed the camera toward the milky way. I kept…

Feeling Good After the Denver Colfax Marathon

I completed the Denver Colfax Marathon this past weekend, and technically it’s my 2nd marathon, but I kind of consider it my first.  I did the Salida Run Through Time marathon several years ago but had to walk a good part of it due to snow and mud. This weekend’s marathon was my first, straight up road run of 26.2 miles.  I finished in just a shade over 5 hours – not bad considering my training came to a halt late in the game due to a knee injury and getting sick. My goal next time is to do a…

Bald Eagle – Broomfield Open Space

This is one of my all-time favorite photos that I have taken.  There are often one, or two Bald Eagles that nest down in the open space in Broomfield, Colorado, near my house.  I run past them all of the time, but never have  a camera ready.  Then, the few times I go down there with a camera, they are gone. Finally, last week, I got lucky and had my 5D3 and my 100-400mm lens with me, on a clear, bluebird-sky day, and this beautiful specimen posed for me for at least 20 minutes.  I must have been only about…