Erie, Colorado Aerial Photos

I was wondering just how high my Autel Robotics X-Star Premium drone could fly, so I took it off of ‘beginners mode’ this weekend (beginners mode restricts how high it can go, and how far).     I took my son down to the park in Erie, Colorado, just off of Briggs Street.  It was a typical cloudy, spring day with a little bit of a breeze. I launched the drone straight up from the park, and it just kept going…going…going. I finally stopped, since I was having trouble seeing the drone so high up.  Fortunately the drone comes with…

Sedona Marathon February 2017 – DONE!

Joelle and I completed the Sedona Marathon this month!  It was a lot more challenging than I expected – very hilly, and a very warm day for February, but the scenery took our minds off of it. There were a few thousand people doing all of the races, 10k, 1/2 etc.  But only a very small handful relatively did the full.   We were among the few!

Erie, Colorado King Soopers Grand Opening – Photo Day!

I was asked to take part in the grand opening of a massive new King Soopers store in Erie, Colorado. It is truly massive. The Town of Erie asked me to take photos of the grand opening, including a group photo of many of the main people involved – from the Town of Erie, to construction folks, and the like. I had imagined a group shot of maybe 10-20 people, but it was over 100.   That’s a difficult group shot to take for sure.    Largest one I have ever done. First, here is a link to the news article in…

Had a mention & Quote in USNEWS & World Report

Kimberly Leonard with USNEWS reached out to me for comment on a bill that would eliminate anonymous reporting/complaints in assisted living facilities in Illinois, and she quoted me and referenced my site here: Never know what the day might bring!

Real Estate & Architectural Photography in Erie, Colorado

My new hometown of Erie, Colorado has some very charismatic buildings, homes and even churches.   Lately, the evenings have had some nice light, so I’ve been out doing some photography of the local real estate and other buildings here in Erie. One of my favorite subjects was the library and community center here, as well as the church across the street (St. Luke Orthodox) I am very much looking forward to Spring and Summer when there are flowers, green grass, and longer days.    Should be very good for the camera!

3 Generations off to see Star Wars

I’d say perhaps two of the most memorable days in my life were the first time I saw Star Wars, at age 7, and when I saw Star Wars, The Force Awakens with my dad, wife, and son John.  Three Generations went to see this great movie on xmas day, 2015. I thought it was great – they brought back the old magic, and introduced some interesting new characters. Johnnie got teary-eyed when Han was offed.   Sorry, spoiler, but I assume everyone’s seen it by now!