Camping with Johnnie September 2014

Did my first 1:1 camping with Johnnie this September (2014) and we had a great time.  I wanted to go as high as possible in Rocky Mountain National Park, but it was kind of a chilly weekend so we opted for Moraine Campground which is pretty low.  It was a great evening, and Johnnie had a blast lighting his first campfire, and gorging on Smores. The moon was almost full and we saw lots of Elk, and wildlife!  

Hummingbird in St. Elmo, Colorado

We visited St. Elmo, Colorado this past weekend, which is a ghost town up past Mt. Princeton.  For a ghost town, though, there was certainly a lot of activity.   The general store is open and a lot of ATV traffic. It was nice, though, to see about 6 hummingbirds hanging around the outside of the store.  It was barely raining so I was concerned about getting my camera wet, but went for it anyways.   These little suckers don’t stay still for long, so getting a decent shot is not easy.  This one, though, I thought turned out really…

Leadville 100 – August 21 and 22, 2010

I was asked to be a “pacer” for Ray Churgovich, or “Hawaiian Shirt Ray” for the Leadville 100. Basically, a pacer runs a section with the runner to keep him/her company, carry gear, keep an eye on health, hydration, etc. I ran with Ray from Twin Lakes to the Fish Hatchery (almost 17 miles) from about 6pm until after 10pm. Neeraj Engineer picked him up there, and ran another 17 or so. Lina Kelso was with Ray from Winfield to Twin Lakes – another long stretch. Ray finished in 25 hours, 7 minutes – beating his 2009 time by over…

Bald Eagles – Broomfield, Colorado

We have a beautiful open space area behind our house in Broomfield. There are great trails, and a lake with plenty of wildlife. This past weekend (Jan 08) I took a run back there and had my camera with me. There was a pair of nesting Bald Eagles in a tree looking proud. I took several photos, and it was quite exciting. I have posted one here, and you can see the rest on my Flickr! page