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Please use this form to request scheduling of my services.

But, please read the following FIRST

By using my scheduling form, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the following:


I always put shoots on Google Calendar, and send you an invite.  If you don’t receive the invite please let me know immediately.   Please review the invite (time/date etc.) to make sure I have entered everything correctly.   I don’t schedule or communicate directly with sellers.  

From March-October, it may be difficult / impossible for me to reschedule last minute (fyi).

Shooting days are typically Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  I charge extra for weekend shoots.

  • My style: Clean, sharp, well-lit, natural looking (many photos are way overcooked imho) photos.  However, some sellers prefer the saturated, high contrast HDR look.  Please consult with them before the shoot. Learn more HERE.


  • Processing time / Turnaround:  Please allow 48  hours after the completion of the shoot for photo delivery, and 3-5 business days for video delivery unless otherwise discussed/arranged.  Next day turnaround may be possible for an extra fee.  I don’t do automated processing.   Each photo is a composite (not HDR) of usually 3-5 photos, exposing for different parts of the room. 



  • File Size – I deliver photos under 15 MB – per MLS requirements.  They are large enough to print, and under the 15 mb limit for Matrix/MLS.  The zip folder you receive can take a few minutes to download completely.  I also send you a Google Drive link to your photos that you can share with sellers.


  • Time on Site: Most standard homes (photos only) I budget 2 hours on site.  If the home is prepared, I can usually be done faster than that.   Add video and drone, 2-4 hours.  Luxury homes can take 5 hours (or more) with photo/video/drone.



  • Contact Me  –   The best way to try to reach me is s by text.  303.579-0137.   When I am shooting I try not to be on my phone so I can focus on what I am doing.  


  • I am always open to your feedback and suggestions.  This is a collaborative effort.


Remember – I retain ALL rights to my photos, and they are not to be used by any other realtors or 3rd parties without my permission.

I am not a ‘volume’ photographer and don’t wish to be – I do a limited number of shoots per week.



Text/Cell:  303-579-0137    (quickest response)


Finally – a big thank you!

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