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ProfileJoelle, David and Johnnie (and now Sweet Pea, our cuddly cat) live in Broomfield, Colorado. Joelle works at Front Range Community College as a database administrator/wizard and David works from home. Sweet Pea also works from home, and Johnnie is our spiritual leader and local expert on Thomas the Tank Engine.

David Besnette on the Huffington Post

Posted by on Nov 08 2012 | Huffington Post

I had a really fun opportunity recently to write an article/blog post for the Huffington Post. My profile is: David Besnette on the Huffington Post. I did a little story that has stayed with me since my days working in Vail, Colorado called ‘My Tipping Point Towards Happiness‘ and how one little life event nudged me to make significant changes.

I will be doing further posts for them. Had you asked me a few months ago if I would be doing this, I would have recommended that you get your head checked. Funny how things just pop up in life sometimes!

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My Perseid Time-Lapse 2012

Posted by on Aug 15 2012 | Amazing, Colorado, Video

Here is the time-lapse out of my camera – August 11, 2012 from Rocky Mountain National Park.  I love the shooting star about 1/2 way through, and then a flash of headlights makes it look like it landed and exploded!


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Perseid Meteor Shower – August 11 2012

Posted by on Aug 13 2012 | Amazing, Colorado

My friend Dave Dugdale and I went to Rocky Mountain National Park to try to do a timelapse of the Perseid Meteor Shower – This is from his new Canon T4i Camera – it was awesome and a great time!

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San Clemente Pier HD Montage

Posted by on Jul 05 2012 | Video

We just got back from a wonderful vacation to San Clemente California – a place I’ve been going for 41 years…wow.  My wonderful folks met us there and we had such a nice time.  Not much has changed there, and that’s good!  This is a little montage from footage I took on our trip of the Pier area.   I have included a time-lapse sunset at the end.  Great place to practice my video skillz…

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Moab 2012…Besnette/Farkalas/Humphrey

Posted by on Apr 06 2012 | Family

We met my cousin and his wife Iris in Moab this past March (2012) to meet their two new additions (twin boys), and to meet my folks who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!    This was taken at La Sal Viewpoint, with the ’3 gossips’ in the background

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Clinton Gulch – Backcountry Ski Day January 2012

Posted by on Feb 06 2012 | Colorado

Pretty excited to have learned how to use ‘skins’ on my x-county/tele skis – Jeff and I went up to Clinton Gulch in January and although the snow was thin and it was about 50 degrees (warm) it was a great little adventure!

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Very funny spoof….for Cancer..

Posted by on Sep 16 2011 | Uncategorized

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Mt. Shavano, Colorado – Video Montage

Posted by on Aug 14 2011 | Nature, Video

Video clips and still photos from our hike on Mt. Shavano, Colorado (a fourteener) in July 2011



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Slider Video Montage – Western Colorado – Konova Slider

Posted by on Apr 20 2011 | Colorado

A video Montage I put together from our trip to Fruita for the Desert R.A.T.S. Trailrunning Festival in April 2011. I used a Konova Slider and a Canon Rebel T2i Digital Camera. Enjoy!

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NCAR Video with Slider Effect – Mar/April 2011

Posted by on Apr 08 2011 | Video

A video my friend Dave did, and I helped out with some of the behind the scenes footage – turned out pretty cool, I think!

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