Camping with Johnnie September 2014

Did my first 1:1 camping with Johnnie this September (2014) and we had a great time.  I wanted to go as high as possible in Rocky Mountain National Park, but it was kind of a chilly weekend so we opted for Moraine Campground which is pretty low.  It was a great evening, and Johnnie had a blast lighting his first campfire, and gorging on Smores.

camping with Johnnie

The moon was almost full and we saw lots of Elk, and wildlife!


Light Painting With A Campfire – RNMP

I was experimenting more with photographing the stars this past weekend, and didn’t think of it until the sun went down that there was almost a full moon, so it was hard to get a “Milky Way” shot.  However, the sky was clear, and my campfire was doing a fine job of Light Painting the nearby trees, giving the photo a really cool effect that I was pleased with.


See the full sized image here:

This one was a 15 second exposure, f2.8, 12.0mm and ISO 800 (I kept it lower since there was so much external light with the moon, etc).

Camping with Johnnie on a really nice 1:1 trip with him.  Rocky Mountain National Park, September 6, 2014.


Hummingbird in St. Elmo, Colorado

We visited St. Elmo, Colorado this past weekend, which is a ghost town up past Mt. Princeton.  For a ghost town, though, there was certainly a lot of activity.   The general store is open and a lot of ATV traffic.

It was nice, though, to see about 6 hummingbirds hanging around the outside of the store.  It was barely raining so I was concerned about getting my camera wet, but went for it anyways.   These little suckers don’t stay still for long, so getting a decent shot is not easy.  This one, though, I thought turned out really nicely.  You can see so much detail in the eyes, beak and head.

Hummingbird in St. Elmo

Early Fall in Colorado?

Every year I say the same thing – where did summer go, and wow, the leaves seem to be turning really early.  In our open space, the tops of trees are already yellow, and this week, in late July, there is a definite coolness in the air.

I round this leaf on my long run this week (hit 12 miles on Sunday) and brought it home.  I thought that it was a perfect specimen of a leaf, already starting to change colors.

Turning leaf Broomfield

Twilight in Broomfield

I wanted to see just how many stars I could get, in the middle of Broomfield, which is surrounded by the Denver Metro area – so lots of light pollution.   I started at around twilight, and took a photo every 20 minutes or so.

Night in Broomfield

This one was my favorite.  This shows far more stars than could be seen with the naked eye, but still, not as many as I wanted to see.

I liked this shot for the clouds moving by, glowing from the lights of nearby Denver.

May have to wait until the New Moon or when the Perseids come out next month – and head up to the hills.

June 21, 2014. ISO 400  F-stop 3.5 AWB 20 seconds

David Besnette on the Huffington Post

I had a really fun opportunity recently to write an article/blog post for the Huffington Post. My profile is: David Besnette on the Huffington Post. I did a little story that has stayed with me since my days working in Vail, Colorado called ‘My Tipping Point Towards Happiness‘ and how one little life event nudged me to make significant changes.

I will be doing further posts for them. Had you asked me a few months ago if I would be doing this, I would have recommended that you get your head checked. Funny how things just pop up in life sometimes!

San Clemente Pier HD Montage

We just got back from a wonderful vacation to San Clemente California – a place I’ve been going for 41 years…wow.  My wonderful folks met us there and we had such a nice time.  Not much has changed there, and that’s good!  This is a little montage from footage I took on our trip of the Pier area.   I have included a time-lapse sunset at the end.  Great place to practice my video skillz…

Moab 2012…Besnette/Farkalas/Humphrey

We met my cousin and his wife Iris in Moab this past March (2012) to meet their two new additions (twin boys), and to meet my folks who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!    This was taken at La Sal Viewpoint, with the ‘3 gossips’ in the background