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  1. Marj & Sam McClanahan

    what fun to see the recent washing dishuz – and more!! We would love to know how to check this out in the future. That way we can really know what your parents are talking about!!!

    broccoli juice it beats the fruit loops that you kids used to eat!!!!

    speaking of parents – we FINALLY are getting together in a quiet setting tomorrow – for brunch on our deck. Your Mom is bringing a quiche which she says is fantastic – I believe it. I will have appropriate complimentary sides!!!

    thinking of your sweet family – a lot!!!

    hugs to you all

    M and S

  2. Jason Jameson

    David! This is Jason, Keith and Anna Appleby’s grandson. It is so wonderful to see you and your family doing so well. It has been too long without any contact with you and the rest of the Besnettes. Would you mind sending me Frank and Linda’s contact info? I would love to catch up with them. Thanks!


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