Sedona Marathon February 2017 – DONE!

Joelle and I completed the Sedona Marathon this month!  It was a lot more challenging than I expected – very hilly, and a very warm day for February, but the scenery took our minds off of it. There were a few thousand people doing all of the races, 10k, 1/2 etc.  But only a very small handful relatively did the full.   We were among the few!

Feeling Good After the Denver Colfax Marathon

I completed the Denver Colfax Marathon this past weekend, and technically it’s my 2nd marathon, but I kind of consider it my first.  I did the Salida Run Through Time marathon several years ago but had to walk a good part of it due to snow and mud. This weekend’s marathon was my first, straight up road run of 26.2 miles.  I finished in just a shade over 5 hours – not bad considering my training came to a halt late in the game due to a knee injury and getting sick. My goal next time is to do a…

Leadville 100 – August 21 and 22, 2010

I was asked to be a “pacer” for Ray Churgovich, or “Hawaiian Shirt Ray” for the Leadville 100. Basically, a pacer runs a section with the runner to keep him/her company, carry gear, keep an eye on health, hydration, etc. I ran with Ray from Twin Lakes to the Fish Hatchery (almost 17 miles) from about 6pm until after 10pm. Neeraj Engineer picked him up there, and ran another 17 or so. Lina Kelso was with Ray from Winfield to Twin Lakes – another long stretch. Ray finished in 25 hours, 7 minutes – beating his 2009 time by over…