Erie, Colorado Aerial Photos

I was wondering just how high my Autel Robotics X-Star Premium drone could fly, so I took it off of ‘beginners mode’ this weekend (beginners mode restricts how high it can go, and how far).    

I took my son down to the park in Erie, Colorado, just off of Briggs Street.  It was a typical cloudy, spring day with a little bit of a breeze.

I launched the drone straight up from the park, and it just kept going…going…going.

I finally stopped, since I was having trouble seeing the drone so high up.  Fortunately the drone comes with some pretty bright lights on the underside which helped me keep track of it. 

I don’t think, that I really sent it to it’s limit, but I did get it really, really high up there, and the photos of my town of Erie were fun to see from another, very high up perspective!

PS – the white drone in foreground of the photo of me and my son is not the Autel drone.  That’s my son’s drone.

Autel Drone Photos of Erie, Colorado from Downtown

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