Funny how things work out

When I was growing up, we had some neighbors across the street who owned a foliage/plant sales and rental business. Actually, it was the mom of the family who owned (actually owns, as she still has the business to this day). I remember that I worked for her part time when I was maybe 10 or 11 years old helping her to deliver the plants to various businesses around town.

Judy recently started a branch of the business for gift baskets. I live in a different state now, and I do some web design and search marketing. All these years later, she has solicited my help for both websites, and we have had a nice working relationship during the process. I guess if I had done a bad job way back in the day I might not have had this opportunity. Of course, people change, and I was just a kid, but I’d like to think that she remembered me as being a hard worker. I’d like to think of myself as being one now, too!

It’s just funny to me how things work out.

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