How do some things become a fad?

Joelle and I were talking last night about who ‘decides’ if something is in or not?   We know that if Oprah says that the color of mold is in, then everyone would be looking awfully moldy.   I wondered about who made Crocs a fad, since by almost anyone’s opinion, they are ugly and cheap looking.    Sometimes those types of things take off.   I remember Moon Boots being a bit silly looking but every kid had a pair when I was growing up.

So the next one we were wondering about was Ugg Boots.  The boots themselves aren’t really that ugly – some of them are actually downright classy looking.  But, when you wear them with a bikini, or a pair of cutoff shorts, or a skirt, that’s where I start to become befuddled.   Who first started this trend?  Was it because this person forgot their shoes when they went out, and remembered that they had a pair of Uggs in the trunk when they got to the beach party?

That theory might not be too far off.   Yesterday, I read one account, and even saw a photo of Pamela Anderson back in her Baywatch days sporting a pair of Ugg Classics with her red bikini, ready to hurl herself into the perilous waters to save some poor drowning soul.  I mean, you need warm feet and a fashion statement when you are doing the ‘breast’ stroke through the seaweed, right?

Anyways, I do still do a little work for my favorite shoe store, the Pedestrian Shops, and we have had UGGs on the site for years, and they are still really popular.  I guess they have outlived ‘fad’ status, but I still can’t excuse a pair of winter boots worn with a thong.

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