Moab Mountain Biking

It’s getting to be springtime and I am starting to think about biking again. In the past, I would often times head for Moab during the spring to savor some of their famous slickrock. March through May can be awesome times to bike in Moab.
Joelle has started Mountain Biking, but hasn’t yet done anything in Moab. I think my folks want to meet us out there in a month or so – that way they can take care of Johnnie while we go ride! If I take Joelle, since she is fairly new at Mountain Biking, I would probably take her on the Klondike Bluffs trail, or Bartlett Wash to start with. Then, maybe the practice loop at Slick Rock.

Moab Mountain Biking is one of life’s musts if you are a Mountain Biker. We hope to get out there this year.

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