What to do for my sweetie on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day sneaks up on you from out of nowhere. I still feel like I am cleaning up Holiday decorations and trying to clean up my diet from all of the “naughtys” that I ingested over the past few weeks – mostly good wine with my parents while they were here, and the occasional scoop of ice cream (did you know the average American gains 7-10 pounds in December?).

Anyways, many people can be caught off guard by Valentine’s day, and they scramble to get a gift for their sweetie at the last minute. Usually it is chocolate or roses – the standards.

I have a friend in Arizona that puts together some amazing gift baskets. She has a Valentine’s basket that is superb – It includes:

Ferrero Prestige fine assorted confections, White tea spa lotion, White tea body butter, bubble bath, bath shrunchy shimmering body refresher, candle, heart pillow, hot cocoa and cookie!

You can take a look at her creations here.

Judy takes a lot of pride in her baskets, and they do include some really cool stuff. She can ship anywhere in the US, so give her a call at 9280779-2060 to order a really great gift for your sweetheart this year!

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