3 Generations off to see Star Wars

I’d say perhaps two of the most memorable days in my life were the first time I saw Star Wars, at age 7, and when I saw Star Wars, The Force Awakens with my dad, wife, and son John.  Three Generations went to see this great movie on xmas day, 2015. I thought it was great – they brought back the old magic, and introduced some interesting new characters. Johnnie got teary-eyed when Han was offed.   Sorry, spoiler, but I assume everyone’s seen it by now!

Camping with Johnnie September 2014

Did my first 1:1 camping with Johnnie this September (2014) and we had a great time.  I wanted to go as high as possible in Rocky Mountain National Park, but it was kind of a chilly weekend so we opted for Moraine Campground which is pretty low.  It was a great evening, and Johnnie had a blast lighting his first campfire, and gorging on Smores. The moon was almost full and we saw lots of Elk, and wildlife!  

Carrie and Jeff…Engaged!

..So, it went something like this…(Written by Carrie).. 9/4–We left Denver around 9 am, headed for the San Luis Valley and the west side of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Our goal: to climb two 14K ft mountains, Challenger and Kit Carson. Challenger Point was named in recent years to honor the 1986 shuttle disaster and is considered by some an “official” 14er and not by others as it is connected to Kit Carson by a saddle and the two are relatively close together. [see photo #1: Challenger approach in right foreground (actual summit not visible), Kit Carson in center,…

Happy Birthday Illa!

We tried to find a good e-card for you but all of the ones available out there are really cheesy, so Bubbie, Joelle and I thought a nice impromptu video from your number one fan would be the most appropriate birthday card!  Here it is – we love you, and Happy Birthday!!!