Happy Birthday Johnnie

It’s our son Johnnie’s 3rd birthday today.  He is hanging out with his grandparents and auntie in Denver for the day, and on Saturday we will have his birthday party in our backyard.   He was in Copper Mountain last week where his grandparents took him on the big bouncy trampoline at the base of the mountain.    He also did the Georgetown loop train.

Lost in the Grand Canyon

My cousin Alan and his wife Iris made some big news this week after they were lost in the Grand Canyon for almost a week.  It didn’t look good for them but they were finally found alive – we are so thankful.  Here are some sites with the coverage: Video on Good Morning America: More news:

My sister is the 9news leader of the year

Carrie has been selected as our local 9news leader of the year. Congratulations! The news release stated: “In her nomination of Besnette for the award, Caz Matthews, president of WellPoint Inc., said, “Carrie acts with a skilled balance of grace and force, never alienating, always respectful, and with a polite and convicted strength that just gets results.” They should have also mentioned that she is the best auntie in the world to her nephew Johnnie 🙂 Anyways, we are all very proud of you Carrie! Love, Your Family

Xmas 07

We are having a very nice X-mas today. Gramma Irene is here, and Gramma Linda and Grampa Frank will be flying in later today. We are having snow, so it is a beautiful white X-mas. Carrie and Erin are trekking in Nepal, so we are wishing them a happy holiday from afar. Johnnie got plenty of Thomas stuff and a National Geographic Tent. Here are a few photos of the day