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Erie, Colorado King Soopers Grand Opening – Photo Day!

I was asked to take part in the grand opening of a massive new King Soopers store in Erie, Colorado. It is truly massive. The Town of Erie asked me to take photos of the grand opening, including a group photo of many of the main people involved – from the Town of Erie, to construction folks, and the like. I had imagined a group shot of maybe 10-20 people, but it was over 100.   That’s a difficult group shot to take for sure.    Largest one I have ever done. First, here is a link to the news article in…

Our friendly neighborhood Hawk

I thought I would start driving around with my camera on me, since I’d been seeing this hawk hanging around our neighborhood in Erie, Colorado quite a bit, and it is often very close-up. Still, I took my zoom lens (400mm) and sure enough, this one was sitting in a tree in front of a house down the street. It let me walk right up to it, literally 15 feet away to take several photos before jumping off to another tree. The orange eyes are what gets me.  They are beautiful.

Bald Eagle – Broomfield Open Space

This is one of my all-time favorite photos that I have taken.  There are often one, or two Bald Eagles that nest down in the open space in Broomfield, Colorado, near my house.  I run past them all of the time, but never have  a camera ready.  Then, the few times I go down there with a camera, they are gone. Finally, last week, I got lucky and had my 5D3 and my 100-400mm lens with me, on a clear, bluebird-sky day, and this beautiful specimen posed for me for at least 20 minutes.  I must have been only about…

Hummingbird in St. Elmo, Colorado

We visited St. Elmo, Colorado this past weekend, which is a ghost town up past Mt. Princeton.  For a ghost town, though, there was certainly a lot of activity.   The general store is open and a lot of ATV traffic. It was nice, though, to see about 6 hummingbirds hanging around the outside of the store.  It was barely raining so I was concerned about getting my camera wet, but went for it anyways.   These little suckers don’t stay still for long, so getting a decent shot is not easy.  This one, though, I thought turned out really…

Early Fall in Colorado?

Every year I say the same thing – where did summer go, and wow, the leaves seem to be turning really early.  In our open space, the tops of trees are already yellow, and this week, in late July, there is a definite coolness in the air. I round this leaf on my long run this week (hit 12 miles on Sunday) and brought it home.  I thought that it was a perfect specimen of a leaf, already starting to change colors.