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David Besnette

I truly love taking photos of interesting buildings, homes and neighborhoods!   I do real state photography in Boulder, Boulder County, Denver, Erie, Longmont, Lafayette and beyond, and I also do beautiful 4K resolution video tours (interior/exterior) and aerials!

***New Realtors!  The first time I work with you, I will do the photos and 4k interior / exterior video tour all for $250!   

Don’t settle for crunchy, grungy, over-saturated & over-processed  HDR!

Real Estate Photography example

See more of my Twilight/Dusk shots

See some of my Friday Featured Listings with various realtors and agencies


Does your current photographer/videographer:
  • Make sure photos are properly white/color balanced?
  • Make sure vertical lines are straight where they should be?
  • Pull in important window views?
  • Give you a high-resolution (better than IRES) album that can be shared or embedded into your site, like this one?
  • Give you high-resolution, print-quality versions for all photos?
  • Resize photos all properly for IRES?
  • Do more than just HDR?
  • Go the extra mile?
  • Have the ability to work on short notice?
  • Have a passion for the art of architecture and real estate photography? 

Is your current photographer a craftsman or does he/she over-bake the HDR and send you photos with the classic gross, yellow tint, using the same settings for every shot?

Your photos and listings are your Storefront – the place that many people get their first impression of you!

Working with me, you get the same person every time instead of someone different each shoot.  I can learn your specific tastes (each realtor is different)!

Recent 4K Drone w/ Interior/Exterior Video Examples:

A Recent Video Tour – Luxury Home!

1770 Yellow Pine, Boulder, Colorado from David Besnette on Vimeo.

This one uses a drone, a Steadicam, and a Konova Slider/dolly track, and has interior/exterior video:

Modern Contemporary Farmhouse, Boulder, Colorado – Interior/Exterior 4K Video Tour from David Besnette on Vimeo.

You can set the resolution to 4k on these videos to see the highest quality!

Behind the scenes photos from the above video including ‘gear’

Behind the Scenes

See more ‘Behind the Scenes” Photos!

What else can I do?

  • 4k Drone/Aerial Photography and Video
  • Interior video tours with 4K video
  • Video tours, testimonials and interviews
  • Website help/development

Photos are delivered to you  in both high-resolution (for print) and also sized for IRES/Zillow (4:3 / 96dpi /  2048×1536) via dropbox.  You also get a flickr album and link of your photo album.

If you need someone dependable for your real estate/architecture photos, I’d love to hear from you.

See the equipment I use.

Why I don’t use (yet) and don’t  like 3d virtual tours (like Matterport)

More Real Estate and Architectural Photos (gallery):


What will you get?

  • All photos uploaded to a flickr album, where you can access the photo in it’s original, 240 dpi print-friendly size.   This album is much higher quality than IRES (which tends to degrade photos a little when they process them for the web).    You can easily send the album link to clients, and potential buyers.
  • I upload each photo do a dropbox folder for you in a 4:3 ratio, 96dpi for you to add to IRES, Zillow, and the other sites.
  • Enthusiastic and dependable service!

Turnaround time is generally within 24 hours.   

What do I charge / pricing?

**All Inclusive Photo / VideoPackage Discount:  $375 for 35 photos (in both IRES and High Resolution for Print), Tour album, PLUS a 4k resolution interior/exterior video tour!

***New Realtors!  The first time I work with you, I will do the photos, Flickr album, and 4k interior / exterior video tour all for $250!   

A La Carte:

INTERIOR / EXTERIOR PHOTOS ONLY: I currently charge $145 for up to 30 photos, and then $5.00 photo after that ($12.50).  *  **

AERIAL ONLY: I charge $125 for aerial/drone-only photos

VIDEO ONLY: I charge $300 for an interior/exterior (including drone, glidecam and slider) 4k resolution video (see example)

I use both HDR, and Flash.  Videos can be put on YouTube, Vimeo, and embedded easily on your website!

**Add a Tourbuzz tour (gives you a printable flyer, high quality slideshow, branded to you etc.) for an additional $15.  See Example  

Please contact me at 303-579-0137.  

 *Extra $50 fee if travel is North of Longmont, or South of Denver

**Additional fee may be discussed for exceptionally large properties

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